Hi there! My name is Travis.

I am the owner of qwerkal, a full-service brand strategy and marketing agency in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. We blend design, content, and strategy to create emotionally distinct brands for entrepreneurs and startups. Connect with me to schedule a complimentary discussion of your brand objectives.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping numerous organizations tell their story with just a logo.

A logo is the heart of every good brand, and it serves as a visual representation of the identity therein. When done well, it effortlessly conveys the positive qualities of a product or service. Here’s a few favorites I worked on.

Icons clarify the story with less dependence on words.

I’ve designed numerous infographics intended to distill complex ideas into a few words, and more importantly into visuals. Icons are a great way to quickly visualize a concept and leave an impression. Here’s a few sets that I enjoyed working on.