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Yacht sharing marketplace

KellyBoat is the brainchild of sailing enthusiast and founder Kelly Lyden.

During a summer visit to Nantucket, she hit a wall attempting to charter a boat for the day. This lead to her idea to set up a yacht sharing marketplace for Nantucket visitors.

Kelly brought qwerkal in from the very start to brand the business, launch the online marketplace, and promote her service to visitors traveling to Nantucket.

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Trust the fun

The KellyBoat website was designed to speak to its two core audiences: guests and boat owners.

The solution was to capture the tangible joy of each trip and give boat owners rock-solid confidence in the platform.

Type of the sea

Pluto is a handsome, versatile and highly readable san-serif font. It is composed of numerous weights for use in headline and body copy. Their is a subtle movement in the structure of the font that evokes a feeling of the sea.

Colors of Nantucket

A modern palette that pays tribute to historic Nantucket and nautical traditions.

  • Bright Red #e32737
  • Sand Yellow #ede9d1
  • KellyBoat Navy Blue #202036
  • Nantucket Blue #5b7f8a

“Working with qwerkal has been wonderful.  Travis has met each deliverable and the quality of the work has exceeded my expectations.  He is also just such a genuine pleasure to work with!  I rely on his advice and good judgement with decisions affecting the brand and experience, and have never been disappointed.  He talked me into some things that turned out to be great choices that I would not have considered myself.  Thank you!  He also brought others onto the project, and they are all wonderful assets.   I can’t say enough about Travis: now that we are fully branded, I will continue to work with him, and look forward to his contributions as a truly valued member of the team going forward.”

– Kelly Lyden | Founder | KellyBoat