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Ceres Greens

Vertical farming with a 21st century solution to feed a global population

Ceres Greens founders Greg and Jake saw a need to grow healthy, local produce in a northern climate with a limited growing season.

For the public-facing launch of their startup, the guys brought us in to ensure they looked sharp and were perceived as eco-conscious. They had a mission to serve the planet, but they were local at heart, and both messages mattered.

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“Working with qwerkal has been a great experience for us…Travis and his team helped define our brand devoting the time and attention it deserves while allowing us to focus on working on our business.”  

Jacob Isham


Colors from the earth

Bright, rich and warm earth tones that capture the full color spectrum.

  • Ceres Blue #003b70
  • Ceres Green #428221
  • Ceres Yellow #ffce00
  • Ceres Red #fc5130
  • Ceres Sky Blue #30bced

Icon library

Capturing big ideas in tiny marks.

“Even when we felt overwhelmed with all of the tasks that demanded attention, Travis and his team pushed us forward and ensured that we had the pieces we needed to present to our investors, customers, and community supporters.

Moving forward we know that we have a public image that is professional and evokes the values and principles that we cherish as a team.”

Jacob Isham


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Identity System | Branding | Print Collateral | Digital Marketing | Web Design


Identity System | Branding | User Interface | Print Collateral | Web Design

Ceres Greens

Identity System | Branding | Package Design | Web Design


Identity System | Branding | Web Design | Digital Marketing | Print Collateral