Phone and email is so 2018. Chatbots are the new communication standard that your business should adopt. Ok, a chatbot isn’t going to replace your standard communications in the near-term, but the A.I. tech that powers them is improving dramatically. Today they are a highly effective tool for automating engagement with your audience.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is conversational software that is designed to mimic real conversations over the Internet. They can ask and answer questions, make suggestions, inform, entertain, and bring your audience deeper into your sales funnel. Today’s consumers expect instant communication with their preferred brands, and a chatbot can facilitate real-time engagement while you’re busy building your business.

Three types of chatbots to consider.

  1. Scripted: The most accessible chatbot is written and implemented by you, and based on dialogue trees. These scripts encourage you to predict the types of queries your audience is seeking and then answer them. At its most basic, a scripted chatbot can provide helpful answers and tips, encourage them to get in touch, and even weed out unqualified prospects.
  2. AI powered: These interactions are similar to those that are scripted, but they evolve and learn from every interaction with your audience. These bots tap into a vast language library, historic data, algorithms and patterns to simulate natural conversations that feel real. Include a 3D avatar and your brand just went futuristic with its communication practices.
  3. Hybrid: A blend between scripted and AI powered chatbots can help businesses with little data serve all types of interactions with their audience. An 80/20 rule for chatbots assumes that 20% of queries will make up 80% of the total volume. For the remaining interactions, machine learning can leverage common language libraries to fulfill the rest.

Our favorite reasons to use a chatbot.

  1. Answer common questions
  2. Instant and responsive
  3. Always on and available
  4. Qualify leads
  5. Entertain and inform

Three D.I.Y. bot builder platforms.

At qwerkal we tested three bot builders and found a lot to like. Each provides a simple and intuitive user interface that make bot building a breeze, no coding knowledge required. The process was fast and free to start.

  1. Quriobot. Simple interface that seamlessly integrates a bot into your website.
  2. Chatfuel. The most popular chatbot built specifically for Facebook Messenger.
  3. FlowXO. A bot maker with a deep well of features including the option to accept payments.

Wrapping up

Chatbots save your time and improve the user experience for your online visitors. Your business will be well-served to study the snags and repetition in your sales funnel and deploy a chatbot to smooth out the kinks and draw qualified leads deeper into your funnel.

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