Our lives revolve around the supercomputers in our pockets. From email and search to entertainment and business, your audience is interacting with content on their phones in a major way. Your brand should be aware of the trend towards mobile first and shift priorities to ensure you reach your audience where they are most likely to engage with services like yours.

Everyone’s doing it!

According to the Pew Research Center, as of February 2018, 77% of American cellphone users are on smartphones. Millennials are at 92% adoption, but all categories are catching up and engaged on mobile! This means your audience is likely already mobile first.

Mobile first digital communication is critical for brands that seek to engage millennial audiences (and younger).

Building or retooling your brand for greater impact today means designing solutions that are mobile friendly for your audience, contractors, and employees. Attention spans are shrinking, and instant clarity and value can keep your audience engaged and active.

Consider the following benefits of mobile first brand optimization.

  1. Real-time conversions. Reach your audience at the right time with push notifications.
  2. SEO. Google prioritizes mobile indexing over desktop. Is your web copy and images formatted for small screens?
  3. Geolocation. Offer promotions and discounts based on the location of your audience.
  4. Text messages (SMS). One to one communication is highly effective. Send a reminder notification or offer a promotion.
  5. Vertical formatting. Images, video, and content read best on mobile when designed vertically.

Marketing has gone mobile. Try one of these high-engagement mobile first marketing solutions.

  1. Playables. Interactive mobile ads have the highest rates of engagement in advertising. Gamify your promotion, conduct a survey, and hook them longer.
  2. Branded app. According to Comscore, 80% of time spent on mobile is within apps. Entertain, inform and grow your audience with daily value.
  3. Vertical video. Instagram is seeing staggering engagement with Instagram Stories. Leverage mobile first design principles to capture and share vertical formatted content.
  4. Augmented Reality. Bring the real world into their screens with an AR ad. Think Pokemon Go but for your brand.

Mobile first web design considerations to plug right into your existing website.

  1. Short attention spans. Users on mobile want quick solutions. Keep your verbiage short and customer funnels simple.
  2. Optimize video and photos. Long load times are a deal breaker on mobile. Bounce rates increase the longer your page takes to load.
  3. Responsive web design. Each page of your site should scale to the size of the screen it is being viewed on.
  4. Simple call to action. Keep it simple with one big button.
  5. Click-to-call feature. A user can tap to immediately place a call. Handy!

Wrapping up.

Mobile first design, web and marketing optimization should be built right into the core of your business customer funnel. Consider updating your website, deploy a branded app, and format your content for small vertical screens. Your audience is constantly engaged with their smartphone and your brand should be right there with them.

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