In today’s purpose economy, employees want more from their work than a paycheck. Personal fulfillment and purpose are critical metrics that every professional deserves from their work. By cultivating a positive workplace where your business objectives and your teams satisfaction are aligned, your business will be on a course for happy growth.

The new employee employer relationship.

Today’s healthy teams are built on a foundation of mutual respect. Employees bring valuable skills to bare, and in turn they expect their employer to validate those skills and help them grow as professionals. In this happy tango, productivity soars, quality increases, and your business is better poised for growth.

A positive workplace starts with open communication.

  1. Communicate the values and purpose of your business.
  2. Clarify each team members role and value to the overall operation.
  3. Provide a transparent pay structure.
  4. Empower your team to help you make important decisions.
  5. Cut the bad apples! Nothing brings down morale faster than a toxic team member.
  6. Ensure your team understands their roles and the metrics you value for success.
  7. Set transparent guideposts and expectations for advancement.
  8. Critique should be positive and instructive, not demeaning.
  9. Communicate honestly and often.
  10. Celebrate every win and learn from every failure as a team.

Cutting bad apples.

We’ve all been around that one coworker who’s special skill is to make work miserable for everyone. They put on a great show in front of management and then turn their back to talk trash. And somehow, to the detriment of the team, these special someone’s always avoid the consequences of their toxicity.

As a manager, team leader, or CEO, it’s on us to weed out the bad apples for the sake of the team. Our job is to create an environment where our team can thrive so that the business can grow. Here’s a few great ways to ensure your team is happy:

  1. Survey (anonymously if necessary).
  2. Insert yourself into the the daily conversation.
  3. Get to know your team.
  4. Listen.
  5. Care.

Wrapping up.

Professional fulfillment and business growth go hand in hand, and begin with the cultivation of a positive workplace. Empower your team to derive personal satisfaction, purpose, and meaning from their work by communicating effectively and championing their personal success. When employee satisfaction and business goals align, the result is happy productivity.

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