Digital natives might perceive print as antiquated, but the tactile sensation of a printed piece yields a more intimate experience than a cluster of pixels ever could. Print marketing is alive and well. Its purpose and relevance has simply changed in the digital age, and your business can take full advantage of this forgotten medium.

Reasons to give print marketing a chance.

  1. Print keeps getting cheaper. The print industry is hyper competitive on price due to lower demand and new technology efficiencies.
  2. Print is tangible and tactile. In an increasingly digital-first world, a brand can stand out by looking and feeling different.
  3. Most physical mail is boring. A custom, colorful postcard or direct mail piece can stand out in a pile of bills.
  4. Print remains highly relevant for certain demographics. Your audience might be more receptive to print media than digital.
  5. Digital printing techniques have made short print runs cost-effective.

Interesting print marketing solutions that create buzz for your brand.

  1. A print newsletter. Everyone has an email list of subscribers, but how about a physical mailing list? Dazzle your audience with a printed newsletter.
  2. Native advertising campaign. Print publications have opened their doors to custom branded content that looks and reads like an editorial for your business.
  3. Combined print and digital campaign. Meet your audience on the channels where they are most likely to consumer media whether it be print, digital or both.
  4. Local flier or poster. The lonely bulletin board at your favorite cafe gets a lot of exposure. Get permission to post a printed piece with a strong call to action.
  5. Postcard or direct mail piece. Your brand can stand out in a pile of white bills.
  6. Branded swag. Screen print your logo or tagline onto a T-shirt or hand bag.
  7. Stickers and magnets. People like to associate who they are with the brands that align to their values. If your brand is lovable, people will want your sticker!

Our favorite low cost digital printers.

  • Moo: Amazing quality, reasonably priced.
  • SmartPress: Great quality, expansive solutions, decent pricing.
  • Jukebox: Business cards on the cheap!
  • Sticker Mule: Super high quality stickers for pennies.

Wrapping up.

Print marketing remains a relevant tool for promotion and brand building. Due to its wane in popularity in the face of a digital-first world, print is a great way to stand out from the rest of the herd and communicate your brand message in a fresh and tactile way.

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