All the geeks and dropouts from grade school and college are today’s changemakers. These unaverage trendsetters who buck convention and question standards are succeeding in an ocean of copycats and metoo’s. When everyone else looks and sounds the same, your unique brand can rise above by embracing what makes you and your audience weird.

5 non-standard ways to communicate your brand.

  1. Narrow your message to a single, emotional trigger point.
  2. Attach a social mission to your brand by partnering with a non-profit.
  3. Get authentic and personal with your messaging to humanize the business and give it relatable qualities.
  4. Choose one differentiator and anchor your brand to it.
  5. Do the opposite of your industry peers.

5 weird ways to promote your unique brand.

  1. Promote with print. Everyone else has gone digital so do the opposite! Today print is less common and thus a unique medium for communication.
  2. Apply sound and audio to your brand. Create a custom sound or jingle that greets visitors to your website.
  3. Be first to an unproven social or digital platform. New channels for engagement popup almost daily. Find one that is aligned to the interests of your audience and dive in.
  4. Choose an uncommon brand color. When everyone in your industry is using a shade of blue, buck the norm and try something different. The color you attach to your brand has the power to drive an immediate reaction, but ensure its not the same reaction everyone else is receiving.
  5. Say “no” to stock photography. Stick figures drawn on a napkin will capture more attention then a generic stock photo ever will.

New and obscure social channels that could become the new hotness.

Wrapping up

Unique brands consciously choose to look and sound like outliers among their industry peers. This strategy can tell a more authentic brand story that validates the uniqueness of your audience. Embrace your inner nerd or uncover the main differentiator in your business and share it loud and proud.

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