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12 lessons to jumpstart your business success in 2019!

Mobile First

Mobile engagement is soaring. Is your brand mobile first optimized?

Mobile first design, web and marketing optimization should be built right into the core of your business customer funnel. Consider updating your website, deploy a branded app, and format your content for small vertical screens. Your audience is constantly engaged with their smartphone and your brand should be right there with them.

Persona Research

Get to know your audience with persona research. Build an effective brand around their interests and pain points.

Your audience holds the answers to the success of your business. By surveying them, you will uncover their truths and can then orient your brand and business towards their values and interests. Without these insights your business is flying in the dark.

Project Management

Our favorite project management tool to streamline your business systems, communication, and todos.

We love Basecamp, but each of the four project management tools we tested are effective, intuitive, and well designed. We suggest that you dabble with each to determine the right fit for your business and personal preferences.


The robots are coming! Integrate a conversational chatbot into your sales funnel to increase customer engagement.

Chatbots save your time and improve the user experience for your online visitors. Your business will be well-served to study the snags and repetition in your sales funnel and deploy a chatbot to smooth out the kinks and draw qualified leads deeper into your funnel.

Honest Branding

Build an honest brand and humanize your message to stand out in the digital age.

An honest brand is one that is relatable and authentic. Just tell your truth and allow that story to excite and activate your audience. Go a step further and get active in your community. Your audience adopts brands that reflect their values, and you can’t go wrong by working towards a mission that serves others – even one that is for profit. Ubiquitous brands are difficult to relate to, and thus unlikely to build a psyched following. Be the opposite of large and ubiquitous to build a psyched fanbase.

Living Brands

Develop a living brand that can pivot and adapt to unlock sustained engagement and growth for your business.

Living brands endure by studying the whims of their environment and then shift accordingly. They leverage research, data, and great design to attach compelling, relatable experiences to their offering. A living brand can quickly adapt as their audience, competitors and market forces evolve, and they’re not afraid to present their logo and visual messaging as a foil for their audiences interests and values.

Positive Workplace

Cultivate a positive workplace that empowers your team to help you build your business.

Professional fulfillment and business growth go hand in hand, and begin with the cultivation of a positive workplace. Empower your team to derive personal satisfaction, purpose, and meaning from their work by communicating effectively and championing their personal success. When employee satisfaction and business goals align, the result is happy productivity.

Online Community

Build an online community that is aligned to the values of your audience to insert your brand into the conversation.

Grow your brand within an online community that is relevant to your audience. Produce and share relevant content that positively reflects the values of your business and those of the community. Participate in the conversation like a human and your community will evangelize your brand and promote your business for you.

Stock Image Alternatives

Stock photos are omnipresent. Our favorite stock image alternatives to tell your brand story.

Stock photography is ubiquitous in marketing, but most of it looks like it was generated from a robot. Great photography is worth seeking out, but stock image alternatives can elevate the power of your visual communications to inspire and activate your audience. Leap past your industry peers by looking totally unique.

Print Marketing

Print isn’t dead. It’s rad! Old school print marketing ideas to build fresh engagement with your customers.

Print marketing remains a relevant tool for promotion and brand building. Due to its wane in popularity in the face of a digital-first world, print is a great way to stand out from the rest of the herd and communicate your brand message in a fresh and tactile way.

Unique Branding

Embrace your weirdness and build a unique brand that stands out in a crowded field.

Unique brands consciously choose to look and sound like outliers among their industry peers. This strategy can tell a more authentic brand story that validates the uniqueness of your audience. Embrace your inner nerd or uncover the main differentiator in your business and share it loud and proud.

Voice Enabled Brands

Voice enabled brands are so hot! Introduce voice into your brand for deep, natural communication with your audience.

Voice activated technology is on the rise in a major way. Today it’s embedded into smart speakers and smart phones, tomorrow it will be in every car, appliance, game and digital assistant. Is your business ready for the coming ubiquity of voice enabled brands?

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